Chronicles no Otakudom: Ver. 1 – Troglodytes

So this week, we have an interlude. Back in 2001/2002 I was part of a group calling ourselves Imbrium Studos. We were originally gonna try to put together a web comic with the help of one of our then students Mike T. Greiner. He did the base art while I did finish work. Last week (January 25th, 2024) he passed away. I was hoping he would see the comic we worked on so long ago actually come to fruition. But I guess that wasn't meant to be. Today Wednesday January 31st 2024 he was laid to rest. So, I put this up in his honor. The original incarnation of the first three pages we worked on. 

Good bye old friend. May your spirit rock on brightly for all time!


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  1. Awesome

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