Chronicles no Otakudom Prologue 1

Our story begins! .. Well our pre-story story...

EDIT: We are in no way affiliated with Chessex or Gamescience.... We are not sponsored by either in anyway. You all are more than welcome to shop at either and we do not show bias to them. They both make a fine product. You can find them here: GameScience or here Chessex


We're looking at a weekly page on Fridays.. cause I'm slow at drawing stuff. Hope you all enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Chronicles no Otakudom Prologue 1

  1. Take it at your own pace team, it’s looking good so far!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it’s an enjoyable ride.

    2. Thank-you.
      A actually think it looks great so far, though I may be biased. My past collaborations with Mr. Fodder have gone quite well.
      With a bit of luck, “Chronicles no Otakudom” will appeal to ore than just old-school Otaku and Fan-Boys from the PW* era.

      * Pre Weeaboo

  2. And GameScience makes the superior dice.

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