Chronicles no Otakudom Prologue 2

Prologue 2! You find all kinda things in your drawers that you forgot....

Also of note, we are in no way involved with or have any legal rights of ownership or anything that you may see in Ian's drawer.. on his desk and anything he is a fan of... mostly....


We're looking at a weekly page on Fridays.. cause I'm slow at drawing stuff. Hope you all enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Chronicles no Otakudom Prologue 2

  1. Blackthorne’s axes!
    [Flipping] awesome!

    1. There are some little bits here and there just for us.

      1. I do appreciate that he has special sections for usb drives and old mice.

        1. Who doesn’t have these things? He’s also got them old Super Nintendo cartages the lower left.

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